Vacation time, over.

It’s the end of a very long vacation.  I have been staying at Amy’s parents house for the past week because they have been out of town and we have been looking after her little brother and dog, Jack and Maggie.  I thought about putting “Respectively” in the previous sentence but I thought that it should be pretty straight forward that her little brother is not her dog, nor visa versa. Tomorrow her parents come home from a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands and we go back to the little baby duplex on Harrison.  The duplex isn’t really even my home, but I think of it as home.  I can’t wait until me and Amy move into the Archibald’s basement, then to an even more real place, a small house or something.

This is the end of a vacation for another reason.  Tomorrow I start my job out as a customer service/solution agent at a call center.  I have been unemployed since January 13th and have applied for about 60 jobs since, with only one interview and no callbacks.  I graduated with a degree in Accounting thinking it was lead to a for sure job upon finishing, this is a sadly untrue.  Anyways, I’m getting very bored and poor and if I ever want the aforementioned living situation to ever be possible I guess I’ll have to do something that brings in the dough, regardless of the field.  So, after about two months, or 57 days (its’ a leap year) it’s time that I go back to work.

Anyways, I haven’t been much for projects this week because I’ve been really busy and tired when I do have time.  I don’t know.  Hopefully I have any ambition to do anything this week after waking up early and working.  My plan is to go to the gym after work whenever possible so that I can keep my energy going.  I also need to get in the habit of planning my meals so that I don’t spend all my money on unhealthy food. I really just need to eat more healthy anyways.  Maggie just came over and tried to trick me into petting her.  I admit I gave her a few little scratches on her head before returning my hands to the keyboard.

I’m pretty sure one of my projects is going to be a book, or maybe a screen play.  I had a really good idea for a screenplay on the way to my parents but it’s escaped my mind. I wonder if writing programming code is the same as writing books.  Hunter S. Thompson learned to write by typing exact copies of “Catcher in the Rye.”  I wonder if I write copies of code from games and programs that I enjoy I’ll be able to learn to write code.  Probably should just read books or take a class.  I dunno. I think that a year into my job they have tuition reimbursement, so if I’m still not employed as an Accountant then I’ll go to a better college for computer things.

Jack is eating the frosted animal cookies that we bought last night, guess it’s better him than me. No diabetes on his part.  At least he doesn’t know about the Girl Scout Cookies in the cupboard below the silverware. His appetite almost rivals that of my own.  He’s a cool dude, especially for a 14 year old.  We hung out with him quite a bit this week but especially last night we all hung out played cards and drank some drinks.  Of course him and his friend Ian drank non-alcoholic Daiquiri mix, at 20 something carbs for half a cup (death for diabetics like me), this was a mistake that gave them both fantastic stomach ache.

Almost just deleted this entire post.  That’d’a been a whoops.

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